Business Planning

The well known maxim of “failing to plan is planning to fail” is no where more true than in connection with business planning and operation. A number of business enterprises fail because of poor – and in some cases no – planning. The attorneys at Wisener  Nunnally  Roth, L.L.P. have experience in business planning at all stages in the business cycle, from formation to restructuring. We can help you in the start up of your business, whether it is in the selection of the type of corporate or other entity most suited to your situation, or in assisting you with restructuring your business’ operation(s).

Although lawyers are frequently given the task of solving problems through litigation, we seek to help our business clients to prevent disputes before they occur. We help our clients achieve this goal by assisting them in planning and documenting properly their business transactions. The attorneys at Wisener  Nunnally  Roth, L.L.P. have assisted clients in a diverse range of business and transactional settings, ranging from corporate formation, trademark matters and drafting employee handbooks and stock option plans to rehabilitation plans for multi-billion dollar companies. Whether the problem is large or small, we seek to assist our clients in solving business problems through proper planning or remediation before the business problems take on a life of their own.