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Wisener*Nunnally*Higgins, LLP

Legal Experience With Personal Attention


Wisener*Nunnally*Higgins, LLP is a law firm whose attorneys practice in Garland, Texas with experience in diverse areas, including:

  • Insurance company insolvency
  • Commercial, real estate and lending transactions
  • Commercial and real estate litigation
  • Family Law
  • Wills, Trusts and Probate
  • Patent, trademark and copyright licensing
  • Debtor-creditor litigation
  • Consumer litigation
  • Construction litigation; and
  • Warranty litigation.

The firm operates on the principle that the sophisticated practice of law can take place in a congenial and pro-active environment. In addition to working with its clients to achieve their goals on a professional level, Wisener*Nunnally*Higgins, LLP remains dedicated to community service and to working with its clients to make their community a better place.

Practice Areas

Business Practice

With extensive experience with companies across the United States, WNH brings a  personal level of attention to our business clients. Our practice can assist in all facets of operations from transaction (including the formation and management of business entities) and litigation issues.

Consumer Practice

Let WNH act as your guide in navigating the legal system. We offer a wide range of transaction and litigation services, including assistance with contract review and assisting consumers with the assertion of claims for deceptive trade practices and unfair practices in the business of insurance.

About the Firm

At WNH, partners and staff alike are dedicated to offering our clients sophisticated legal services in a friendly and accommodating environment. We have a wide range of experience with both consumer and business clients in varied industries both in the Dallas area and across the United States.