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Insurance & ERISA

Mr. Wisener and Mr. Nunnally each have spent a substantial portion of their career in assisting insurance regulators, insurance companies, insurance consumers and insurance investors. The firm of Wisener Nunnally Roth, LLP offers this experience for its regulatory, business, and consumer clients.

Mr. Wisener and Mr. Nunnally began their respective careers litigating cases which have concerned the premium balances owed by insurance agents on account. All the firm’s partners have handled complex insurance coverage, reinsurance and tort defense matters. The firm’s attorneys have sued and defended insurance entities in cases which concern bad faith litigation. The lawyers at the firm have handled the plaintiff and defense side fo ERISA cases. Mr. Nunnally has substantial experience with matters arising from viatical settlements.

One major aspect of the firms’ attorneys’ experience has been representing insurance regulators, reinsurers, shareholders, policyholders and insurance guaranty associations in major insurance company insolvencies. Mr. Wisener and Mr. Nunnally have each handled virtually every phase of insurance company insolvency, from the most routine day to day insolvency management matters to the drafting and effectuation of complex insurance company restructuring plans.

Wisener Nunnally Roth, LLP offers it’s clients assistance with sophisticated (and simple) insurance problems, involving both solvent and insolvent insurance companies and agencies. In the insolvency field, clients frequently are bewildered by the fog of statutes and regulations applicable to such matters. The attorneys of Wisener Nunnally Roth, LLP seek to help dispel the fog.

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