About Us

Our attorneys offer to our clients a wealth and diversity of experience derived from years of practice in large “downtown” law firms dealing with complex and sophisticated transactions and litigation. However, Wisener Nunnally Roth, L.L.P. was founded and operates on the principle that quality legal services can be delivered at reasonable rates to its clients in a friendly, non-threatening, and congenial atmosphere.

The attorneys in Wisener Nunnally Roth, L.L.P. have diverse experience, including practicing in large law firms with multiple offices in urban areas in several states and traveling extensively throughout the country while handling sophisticated litigation and complex transactions. They have handled a wide range of cases, including insurance company insolvencies, complex commercial litigation, commercial lending and transactions, and a wide variety of business, insurance and consumer matters. In contrast to the old stereotypes of “plaintiff lawyers” or “defense lawyers”, the firm consists of lawyers who represent clients in need of a wide range of services. The firm’s goal is to meet its clients’ particular needs in the civil litigation and transaction areas. The firm does sophisticated legal work in a friendly and approachable environment.